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Chicago's Midway Airport lobby for Atlantic Aviation, where we reinvented the space and created a new entryway.
This is an executive office overlooking the runway; a great way for the CEO to view the action from above.
This is the lobby at Corporate Wings in South Bend. Our goal was to make it comfortable and engage a lot of color.
Wood and lacquer finishes used to help establish this control center for Flight Options as a venerable player in the fraction jet ownership industry.
This is an example of an upscale Fixed Base operation creating a living room phenomenon rather than something industrial.
This vending area demonstrates intimacy that cannot be had in a very commercial environment.
Note the polished chrome arms on chairs and stainless details.
This is the lobby of the Mercury Air center outside of Dallas, where we brought this beautiful contemporary building into the current working environment.
Atlanta had this space that needed to be redesigned. While it was mostly cosmetic, it created an intimate setting enjoyed by both customers and staff.
We redeveloped the Mercury Air Center in Burbank, CA to keep the beautiful wooden walls, yet give a little Hollywood bling to the base.
Note the acrylic guitar  we identified the culture and gave some style.
Lounge area
Nashville was a very outdated lobby with no flow. We re-configured the space, allowing for a more intimate environment.
Chicago's Midway Airport comfort seating and T.V. watching.
This was a renovation for Atlantic Aviation in South Bend, which changed the flow of traffic and added a new entrance seating area.
Note the alabaster fixtures and the warm welcome.
Bendex was originated in South Bend.
With the use of rustic iron and honed limestone vessel sinks, the bathrooms became an art form and elevated the restrooms from the standard commercial forms to a peaceful respite.
The goal for the Cleveland Jet Center lobby was to make a small space intimate while having very limited space to work with.
We built a banquette to save space and isolate the vending area from the main seating area.
The lobby for Atlantic Aviation in Farmingdale, NY had previously been cut up into smaller rooms, and we opened them up to facilitate a more contemporary feeling.
Random colored spears with lights beneath each base boasts a three layer glass top with the center layer sheltered. The lights make the top sparkle  what better for L.A
FBO lounge area.
At Atlantic Aviation facility.
Pictured is the yoga room. Lighted acrylic panels open the space for an airy look.